Wide case & Modular structures

Spacious space can be easily equipped with multiple sensors / board placement, and larger batteries for long travels. Translucent front glass for visual inspections. Modular structures makes BASE 1 ROVER a perfect vehicle for development and simple for production.

High Scalability and Programmability

BASE 1 ROVER uses Pixhawk autopilot chip, which can be programmed in Python (w/OpenCV) language. High compatibility and high scalability, you can customize the way you use BASE 1 ROVER and build your own automated applications.

Live 1080p HD Camera

BASE 1 ROVER uses CUDA cores for real time vision and sensor fusion. You can use on-board cameras to do real-time HD video streaming.

Precise Actuators

BASE 1 ROVER is the specially designed vehicle for smooth movements in all terrain especially small spaces. Independent power source for electronics and motor, to ensure that interference is minimized.

4G/Wifi Ready

BASE 1 ROVER offers Wifi or 4G signal control. Provides end-to-end encryption with mutual certificate-based authentication and Video streaming function from multiple on-board cameras. You can control your BASE 1 ROVER directly from your browser in any location.

BASE 1 ROVER – Debut at 2017 CES


Max Payload15kg
Max Speed18km
User PowerAC 110V, 5V, 12V
Runtime2hours with 4s Batteries