Diagonal distance450mm350mmWider distance, give you more space for mounting.
Propeller size12inch9inchUse bigger propeller and more powerful motor to provide stronger lift and torsion, maximize the loading capability up to 1000g and the wind resistence up to 30mph.
Motor Stator size,KV2820x370KV2312x960KV
ESC current40AOne board without individual ESC’s
Battery spec.6.2Ah(6S)/8C4.48Ah(4S)/5CGeneral type battery, offering the convenience of mantainence and low purchasing cost.
Takeoff weight
2.8 Kg
(w/o GoPro)
(w/ gimbal, camera)
Maximum payload up to 3Kg
Flight time
15 minutes23 minutes15 mins at minium, there will be difference of 3 to 5 mins, deponds on the weather, temperature and the motion of flying.
Power displayYNA stylish and easily-read power system.
Retract w/independent landing skidYNIndependent retract landing skid system enable you not to be interfered while taking the aerial photography.
PropellerYYSpecially designed by APC, developed spedifically for multi-rotor. Largely reduces rotating drag,vibration,noise and increase efficiency.
GimbalYYTogether with specific 3-axis gimbal for GoPro, we provide you the HD image perfectively by the accurate control system and the reliable motor, we also design the quick release adaptor for various camera options (ex: FLIR VUE.SONY ACTION CAM.SONY RX100)
Radio setYYThe highly safe lithium capacitor battery has a trendy battery status display and the radio set has a matte finish with exquisite quality capacity and a great handling.
Flight ControlYYMonitor the flght information and modulate the flght data by App within a effective range of 1 km. Built-in multiple languages , manual of multiple languages, FOLLOW ME, WAYPOINT…etc
The real time flying image comes from 7” screen with high resolution(1024*600) by 5.8Ghz(32 CH & Auto Searching) transmitting system within range of 1KM.