Your Outdoor Flying Partner

A large frame equipped with a strong power system, the AIRTROOPERS is afforded more space and load-bearing capacity. Not needing sophisticated operating skills, the AIRTROOPERS can be easily deliver or air drop things in hard to enter or access areas or terrain barriers.

Simple Operation

AIRTROOPERS equipped with easily manipulate system of airdrop equipment, Use plug to set your item for airdrop on the release tray. Your item for airdrop will be released through the spreading of landing gear. Also pre-assembled APC 12″ propellers in AIRTROOPERS can be used immediately.

12″ APC Propellers

The 12×4.5MR/12×4.5MRP propellers are the latest model from APC, developed specifically for multirotors. Lightweight molded nylon construction reduces rotating mass for less drag and more efficiency.

Wind-Resistance Ability

Combined high performance motor and rigid body design, the AIRTROOPERS has great wind resistance. It can stand against strong up to 30mph.

Smart Battery Box

Intelligent power display system on the surface of the AIRTROOPERS provides battery capacity check and anti-spark design. Each battery set can fly for 20 minutes when full charge, and the battery compartment is specially designed so that it’s easy to change.

WIFI Communication

GHOST+ comes with a professional WIFI module,which can connect with your smart device. The TTRobotix APP provides you a detailed overview of status such as location, battery capacity and GPS.

Endless Applications

You can use AIRTROOPERS in many practical applications include: long distance powering, the auxiliary support of signal strengthening, loading sound systems to drive away birds or pests within a large patrol area, or just a small personal quick delivery tool. Use your imagination to come up with the endless applications! Just leave the execution part to the AIRTROOPERS.