Ghost+ with Morpheus H3D-360

12" APC Propellers

The 12×4.5MR/12×4.5MRP propellers are the latest model from APC, developed specifically for multirotors. Lightweight molded nylon construction reduces rotating mass for less drag and more efficiency.

All-In-One Performance Quadcopter

The GHOST+ innovative quadcopter by TTRobotix is all you need to start sharing and viewing the world from the sky. The GHOST+ is easy to fly and offers up to 25 minutes of flight time, and has optional stabilized gimbals for you to create astonishing aerial imagery.

You can imagine how easily the GHOST+ will help you to document sports or other events. It’s perfect for travel and especially for those GoPro fans who want to capture the highlight of the outdoor activities.

Even if you never fly before, landing the GHOST+ can be easily and safe. All you need to do is just one tap the commander of RTH function which will landing itself precisely while the GPS signals is higher than 5 levels. When you call it back, or in case of an emergency, it knows how to land safely.

HERO Flight Controller Inside

The HERO flight controller provides better flight performance. With its built-in inner damping, controllers, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and barometer, it can measures flying altitude and attitude for autopilot / automatic control precisely.

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WIFI Communication

GHOST+ comes with a professional WIFI module,which can connect with your smart device. The TTRobotix APP provides you a detailed overview of status such as location, battery capacity and GPS.

Slide Battery Box

Intelligent power display system on the surface of the GHOST+ provides battery capacity check and anti-spark design. You can use standard LiPo batteries and saving cost.

Follow-Me function

GHOST+ can tracks your position and autonomously follows you to everywhere. No need to control the radio!

A 360º Field of Aerial View

Morpheus H3D-360 gimbal is a high performance 3-Axis gimbal to work with GoPRO Series Provide better view of the camera lens. Retractable Landing Skid brings No barriers for your in-flight shots.

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Super Combo Ready To Fly

Everything you need is included and ready to fly, offering you a complete aerial film tool in one box. Just attach your GoPro series on it, and monitor the status of Ghost+ by using your smart device.

Ghost+ Unboxing & Assembly

Aircraft System

Frame Weight : 1.44kg (motor, esc, prop. Inc’d) Max take-off weight : 2.25 kg
Max Hover Time : 25mins Battery Recommended : 6S Lipo (6,000mAh)