Rhino 6×6

Product Features

  • Customizable Platforms

    Can adjust effortlessly and cater to various systems and mission-specific payload device.
  • Advanced Mobility

    With 4X4 wheeled traction, 7” (174 mm) RHION or turf tire; skid-steer handling; low center of gravity and functions that can adapt to land and water.
  • Easy To Use Controls

    Via remote operation, line-of-sight RF or “Follow-ee” system; user-friendly program editing for autonomous operations and missions.
  • 1080p
    High Resolution Camera

  • 6×6 Wheeled

  • Intuitive Controls


Length838mm (33.0in)
Width433mm (17.0in)
Height517mm (20.4in)
Base Weight50kg
Footprint 841*433mm (33.1*17.0in)
Ground Clearance79mm
Max-Speed (Land)20km/h