Seawolf Chrome eliminates bulky and heavy radio controller. Now you can control with your Seawolf Chrome with your iPhone or iPad—thanks for the built-in WiFi receiver in the buoy. It’s a great gadget for family and amateurs, set your Seawolf Chrome free from the controller and launch it in the swimming pool or fresh water environment. Just download the APP and have fun with your Seawolf Chrome!

This unique waterproof buoy serves as an antenna station and makes sure the Seawolf Chrome receive clear singal from the controller. The bright metallic shell has great visibility and shows approximate position of the Seawolf Chrome.

 ● Quick-release design for easy access to your sports camera.


  • Operate Seawolf Chrome through your iPhone or iPad!
  • Wireless remote control with iOS APP
  • Control range up to 50M *(Depends on the environment)
  • Carry any GoPro or your favorite HD Sports Camera into water
  • For fresh water or swimming pool


  • Displacement: 9.3kg
  • Length: 751mm
  • Beam: 350mm
  • Height: 285mm
  • Motor: 400KV
  • Propeller OD: 62mm
  • Operation Depth: 25m MAX
  • Speed: 2 knots
  • Range: 50m
  • Environment: Fresh Water