SEAWOLF Deepsea Challenger

Seawolf Deepsea Challenger is your adventure companion in the ocean. Comes with water proof controller, you can control the Seawolf with single hand. The unique quick-release ballast allows Seawolf to adjust its buoyancy for both Sea and fresh water quickly. It is a great tool to explore narrow and dangerous area. Just install your favorite HD sports camera, and bring back the first hand footage or images.

 ● Quick-release design for easy access to your sports camera.


  • Easy to operate, single-handed waterproof controller with ergonomic design for divers
  • Great for underwater photography / videography
  • LED indicator for real time Seawolf status
  • Fit for most of the HD sports camera
  • Quick release ballast for different environment & buoyancy adjustment


  • Displacement: 9.3kg
  • Length: 751mm
  • Beam: 350mm
  • Height: 285mm
  • Motor: 400KV
  • Propeller OD: 62mm
  • Operation Depth: 60m MAX
  • Speed: 2 knots
  • Environment: Sea Water / Fresh Water

Introducing TTR-SB Seawolf Deepsea Challenger