SEAWOLF Ocean Master

Would you like to be a fish and explore the underwater world? Do you want to view the underwater world without getting wet? Seawolf Ocean Master is your extra set of eyes in the water. Equipped with a professional high lumen 7” screen and durable near-neutral buoyancy control cable, you can explore the ocean in real time without any lag. All you need to do is attach your GoPro (Not included) on the Seawolf and you are ready to capture most amazing view in the water like no other.


  • Real-time image from your sports camera
  • Quick-release front cap for easy maintenance
  • Removable ballast for quick buoyancy adjustment
  • Durable cable with strain relief design can hold up to 30KG(66lbs)
  • Optional travel case is available to protect your Seawolf
  • Professional Seawolf Master controller with high lumen 7” FPV screen is included
  • Comes with carry box


  • Displacement: 9.3kg
  • Length: 751mm
  • Beam: 350mm
  • Height: 285mm
  • Motor: 400KV
  • Propeller OD: 62mm
  • Operation Depth: 60m MAX
  • Speed: 2 knots
  • Range: MAX 60m
  • Environment: Sea Water / Fresh Water

Recommended Action Cameras

Horizontal action camera mount
Recommended GoPro HERO series:
GoPro HERO 3、GoPro HERO 3+、GoPro HERO 4、
GoPro HERO 5 or the same size product


Vertical action camera mount
Recommended Sony Action Cam:
HDR-AS15、HDR-AS30V、HDR-AS100V、HDR-AZ1VR、HDR-AS200V、HDR-AS50 or the same size product

P.S. The cabin of OceanMaster is fully waterproof up to water depth of 60M, so the action camera does not need to be installed with a waterproof shell. Note that, due to poor heat dissipation of the cabin, the use of action cameras with high working temperature should be avoided.

 ● Quick-release design for easy access to your sports camera.

Seawolf Ocean Master Introduction Videos