Being the unmanned helicopter professional’s choice for high output aerial lighting, the aerial LED systems are designed to be mounted to CX-180 Sirius. They allow dynamic and unique lighting angles and shadow movements that have been impossible otherwise without the use of CX-180 Sirius. Super brightness LED integrates into high payload CX-180 for versatile, powerful lighting for inspection, search and rescue.


  • Search and Rescue Unmanned Helicopter

    • Over 70,000 Lm Super Brightness LED Searchlight.
    • High efficiency coaxial pitch control structure design.
    • Exclusive dual motor power safety system design has been officially patented.
    • Specially designed high efficiency 6 blade rotor system.
    • Foldable Main rotor and No tail rotor compact design.

Searchlight Specifications

Diameter369mm (14.5in)
Height91mm (3.6in)
Input VoltageDC 24V
Power Consumption300W *2
Typical Lm Output(WD)36,000Lm *2
Weight3.2kg *2
Beam Spread Angle30°
Color Rendering Index>80
Operation Temperature-30°C ~ +50°C
Life Time60,000hr

Helicopter Specifications

Length1166mm (45.9in)
Width1406mm (55.4in)
Rotor Diameter1820mm (72in)
Power Battery6S-LiPo 22000mAh(25C)*4
Take off Weight32kg(with LED Structure)
Max Flight Time25min