Super Hornet X650

Carbon Fiber Booms

ESC is hidden inside the carbon booms which provide safety protection and clean look.

Abundant Assembly Space

Frame plate provides enlargement space for electronic system, you can install other add-ons or components.

Fashion Canopy

With fashion canopy, it prevent from dirt or rain while flying, and marvelous design makes X650 always catch sight of people. With perfect flying performance, all the pilots will go crazy!

Foldable Arms Design

All four arms can be folded down, minimising the size itself for transportation. To fly, you just need to remove the shell, unlock the nut and the arms can be unfolded.

Battery Mount

The battery is mounted under the plate in order to enhance better center of gravity while flying, and the sufficient space offers pilot easy to setup their ready-made battery.

Retractable Landing Skid

The strength landing skid is also made of carbon fiber material, which can support the body weight of X650 and ensures light weight and durability.

Fit Any Payload Prefer
Highly Compatible

Aircraft System

Frame Weight : 2.47kg (motor, esc, prop. Inc’d) Max take-off weight : 3.2 kg
Max Hover Time : 18mins (6,000mAh) Battery Recommended : 6S Lipo (6,000mAh)